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Not working for certain transport rule conditions?

Jun 6, 2012 at 1:13 AM

Iconic has replied to my personal message in an email, but felt it would be worthwhile to pose the question within the discussion forum to gain more attention and hopefully some answers


We have three Exchange servers within a single AD. They are all configured to have the same roles HUB, CAS, MBX. I had success in installing the custom transport agent as well as defining a send connector and transport rule that work as expected. However when I stray from the conditions defined of the transport rule the messages fail to route through the smart host specified, instead defaulting to the default connector.

Working test scenario

  • Multi-tenant hosted Exchange 2010 SP2 environment
  • DLL installed on all three servers
  • sending domains are required to send through 3rd party outbound filtering service
  • each domain has a uniquely named destination filtering server
  • transport (routing rule) agent running, at lower priority
  • selecting single user from sending domain to test
  • transport rule conditions stipulate - from people: testuser@theirdomain.tld
  • remaining transport rule criteria as per instructions

I send out a message from their mailbox, Outlook or OWA, to an external domain. The recipient receives the message and the headers show that it's passed through the outbound filtering service. This is also verified within the web console of the 3rd party service.

Non-working test scenario

  • same as above with the exception of the conditions defined in the transport rule
  • cannot use - from a member of a distribution list
  • cannot use - when the message header contains specific words
  • cannot use - when the From address contains specific words
  • cannot use - when the messages matches text patterns
  • cannot use - when the From address matches text patterns

I'm going to test

  • when the sender's properties contain specific words
  • I use extensionAttribute1 for other segregation purposes, GAL, AL, OAB, EAP

I've ramped up the debug level to 7 but I'm not seeing where, within Event Viewer, the logs are being dumped to.